Wednesday, November 28, 2012

(YES) This is A True Story

I don't make it a habit to sleep with Micah in the bed, but the other night, completely exhausted, I woke up to my warm snugly bundle curled up by my side and after several minutes of her restlessness, I knew I had to put her back in her cradle next to me.  I attempted this maneuver with two things in mind (1) DO NOT wake her up and (2) don't completely wake me up either.  So without the lights on, eyes still half closed, I picked her up and began laying her down in her bed.  But something was not right.  In the soft nights glow, I squinted my eyes and saw that there was already something there!!!!  Dazed and confused, I took a moment to decipher the situation.  I looked in the crib and saw Micah, tucked in tight, sleeping away peacefully.  Well......then who was in my arms??????????  It was Gracey!!!!  I thought Gracey was Micah and tried to put her back in her crib.  I will never forget the look on Gracey's face...and I wish I could have seen the look on my face .  I climbed back in bed laughing and thought, WOW...So does this mean I am officially tired now?

Sunday, November 25, 2012


 It is amazing how quick she can go from sad to happy!!!!! 
(and it was Papa's doing!!!!!)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy 1st Thanksgiving Micah Ahava Elise!!!!!!

Thanksgiving came quick this year!  (I guess when you are in the NICU for 4.5 months you miss seasons, so to me sometimes I wonder why it is still not spring!)  At first I was not wanting to do anything specific because I felt sad that we are still in seclusion with Micah, so no visiting family this holiday season.  But a couple days before I was excited to cook a turkey (well actually recruit Bryan to) and make all the yummy side dishes.  Micah woke us up bright and early that day, so we had "Hector" in the oven by 8am.  Yes, I do name the turkey every year.  We actually ended up having a great day.  We cooked, ate, and took our traditional family walk.  I also snapped one of my favorite photos of Micah and her Papa. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

6 months

Wow-wee!!!!  Micah is 6 months old...about 9 weeks adjusted now.  She is having some issues with eating.  Most of the time she is just not interested in eating.  If there was one thing the NICU embedded into our brains, it is: that unless she eats, she wont grow...her brain wont grow, her organs wont grow, she has to eat...HAS TO EAT...SHE HAS TO EAT EAT EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I was very surprised when we had our check up a week ago, that we were told to keep feeding her every 3 hours.  I feel like this is the culprit, since she refuses to do so, or she only will eat a small amount.  I can't even begin to explain the stress this has caused our family.  As a Mom, I am supposed to be the one feeding her.  It is my responsibility and when she doesn't eat (yesterday she didn't eat all day!!!!), I can't help but hear the enemy's  voice saying "you are a failure."  There are deep spiritual ramifications in the victory of Micah's life and I know the enemy seeks a place to try and destroy what he can.  He always takes our weaknesses and uses them to wound us and make us feel inadequate.  He wants us tired, hungry, cold or hot, in pain, burdened, weak, or burned out, and this list goes on and on.  A church I was a member of for a while (in 2004) stood by me through a very difficult time.  I remember one amazing man of God who told me that a scheme of the enemy is to use our physical needs and the lack thereof against us.  He always made sure I had food.  He was wise and knew the enemy can use our physical weaknesses to block our understanding of the Lord.  That is why we give the homeless food, or help a child have a coat for the winter.  It speaks to our bodies and can open the door for us to not be distracted by the physical, and hear the spiritual.  We are desperate for Peace and Joy and ask the Lord daily to give us strength to continue healing from what we have been through and help us know what to do to help Micah eat so she can grow.  The only thing that seems to be working right now is BLASTING Kari Jobe worship music.  And when U say BLAST, I mean turning it up super duper loud!!!!  I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, Micah's spirit knows what worship is.  She responds well to it, but there is only so many times a day I can hold her in one arm, juggle the bottle in the other, hold her VERY HEAVY oxygen tank around my neck, bop her up and down and walk from room to room JUST to get her to eat...and the trial doesn't end here, we just pray EVERY time that it will stay down!!!! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Lung Doctor Appointment

On Monday we had our pulmonologist appointment in Fort Worth for Micah.  We had hoped she would be off this oxygen by now, but she will need it a little longer, although she's on even lower than .1 which is BARELY any at all!!!!  Her lungs sound great though and the doctor was pleased with her.  We snapped these photos as we waited in the room.  She did get her RSV shot.  We have been VERY cautious about shots and immunizations.  The RSV one is only the antibodies and not the actual virus, so we felt like it was safe for her especially since we are headed into RSV season.  She DID NOT like it at all, but Papa scooped her up after and cuddled her to her hearts content. 
Micah is becoming so alert lately.  She smiles and coo's when she see's you!!!  I am waiting for that first laugh!  I think she may almost be there soon.  I hope to get a video of it.  She is such a sweet baby.  Things have calmed down some since we have been home.  She weighed 8 lbs 10 oz yesterday!  She is nearly 6 months (8 weeks adjusted).  She eats pretty well most of the time.  But watch out, because that spit up can make an amazing distance!  I think she'd win if there was an Olympic sport of it!!!  Look at those curious eyes!