Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy 1st Thanksgiving Micah Ahava Elise!!!!!!

Thanksgiving came quick this year!  (I guess when you are in the NICU for 4.5 months you miss seasons, so to me sometimes I wonder why it is still not spring!)  At first I was not wanting to do anything specific because I felt sad that we are still in seclusion with Micah, so no visiting family this holiday season.  But a couple days before I was excited to cook a turkey (well actually recruit Bryan to) and make all the yummy side dishes.  Micah woke us up bright and early that day, so we had "Hector" in the oven by 8am.  Yes, I do name the turkey every year.  We actually ended up having a great day.  We cooked, ate, and took our traditional family walk.  I also snapped one of my favorite photos of Micah and her Papa. 

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