Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I am sitting here amazed at God and amazed at the strength He is giving Ahava!  She has been off of oxygen all day and is going strong!  PRAISE GOD!  It will take her being off of oxygen SAT-ing well for 72 hours before we can officially say "good-bye" to the oxygen machine.  We are praying this is it for this season, but even if it is not, we are rejoicing that she is doing well today! 

She has been doing so well lately.  She is growing and gaining weight.  She is 10lbs 6.8 oz!!!!!  She smiles SOOOOO much and laughs.  I recorded the cutest video of her laughing, but it is side-ways and I am not sure how to rotate it.  Hopefully soon, I can record something to post. 

Her eating is remaining a challenge at times, but she is getting better....or I am just learning how to cope!  LOL!  But if the doctors are amazed at how well she is doing and how she is gaining weight, then I will not worry.  She had her eye exam the other day and HER EYES ARE PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  In fact this sweet girl can not get enough to see.  She wants to look at everything!!!

She is also a worshipper.  Whenever we sing or play worship, she actually "sings" along.  I have a neat video of her doing this as well.  From the time she was in my womb she has known worship and the presence of the Lord.  In the NICU we looped worship on her MP3 player all the time.  I love that she recognizes the Lord. 

She loves colors, books, and her best friend...her pink elephant puppet!  Bath time is the high light of her day! 

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