Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy 7 Month Birthday Micah Ahava!!!!!

In some ways it is hard to believe and in some ways it is not....but our beautiful Micah Ahava is 7th months old!  Her Auntie Vicki bought her this adorable outfit with stockings and all!!!!  There was only one thing missing....I couldn't wait to dress it up with her picture perfect smile and take some photos! 

Today is Micah's 4 th day off of oxygen.  She is still needing it at night, but we are REJOICING that during the day she is SAT-ing very well!!!!  Please continue to pray for healing for her lungs, supernatural protection from any illnesses, and for Peace for her spirit.  I am so thankful for this TRUE blessing!  She brings a smile to my heart a million times a day.  Sometimes I still can't believe she is my gift!  Thank you Jesus!!!!

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BK said...

Winner: World's Best Smile!