Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Living in Today

We can't rely on future circumstance to change us or make us content. We wait for the hypothetical in hopes that it will somehow alter who we are and the resentment, fear or anger we have will absolve if only "this happens" or "that happens." In fact we use circumstance as an excuse more often than anything else. An excuse for behavior that does not line up with the Lord. And although circumstance DOES affect our emotions and actions, we must humble our hearts and ask the Lord for help not being a slave to circumstance any longer, that we would be anchored deeply in His Love so much so, that no matter what came our way, we could clearly make a decision to act and think within His Truth. We wouldn't have to wait for what we want to happen to be the person God is calling us to be. Can desires blind the Truth? Even good ones? I believe we can waste our whole lives being a slave to circumstance. And the master himself of circumstance is relentless in its toil. He does not choose favorites or yield understanding. In many ways we can view this, whether circumstance can define us (which is: what happens that we cannot control does not define us. Read previous post), or the fact that we wait for it to bring us hope or what we think we need in order to make us happy. But the Truth is, we cannot exalt circumstance. It cannot take precedence over our desire to seek and live for the Lord. And when we do this and do this for real, we somehow lower our desires or even how we think life should go and the Lord's will and His plan is more important. And this could very well offer more satisfaction!!! Circumstance and what we think we need should not offer more hope then following Jesus in this world. The world and ...if I only had that job, or...if I only lived in this better house, or....if I had that car....does not offer true satisfaction. No, we cannot wait for circumstance to give us hope for it is a fickle thing which loves no man, but we must hope in the Truth of what is eternal and what has the power to change lives!

So how can we do this when our current situations are hard? We seek out ways to live beyond ourselves. One neat way that I learned while I was going through Chemo, was looking for God's beauty in the everyday. And everyday He would be eager and willing to show me something beautiful that HE was doing and that more often than not, we wouldn't have time to see if we didn't make an effort to do so. Make time to observe and ask the Lord what He is doing in the now and stop waiting for what you think you want to happen to make life better or to give life your all. Now is the time!!! God says "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own." Matthew 6:3 When you live through difficulty you are forced to live in the now and the day by day. I want to carry that into my life and seek the Lord in each day as its own. He is so eager to hear your voice asking to know Him and see Him in this world. I pray this next season can be just that for me. I am His child and I want to seek my Father, without worry or fear and without wanting or thinking things need to be a certain way in order for me to be happy.

And He will meet me there!!!!

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