Thursday, January 03, 2013

Look Who's OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahava has made it!!!!!!!!!  She has been off of her oxygen for 72 hours straight!!!  This is a HUGE deal and we are so very excited!!!!!!  We took this photo this morning at the exact 72 hours mark when we checked her SAT's and they were perfect!!!!  Thank you Jesus for this wonderful miracle.  Please continue to pray for her lungs as they grow and repair during these next couple of years of her life. 

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Barb Reynolds said...

I Am szo happy to see the good news!!! I was beginning to get a little concerned because I have not heard from you in so long. You both look well and happy! I pray you will continue to be. December was harder for me than I thought it would be. My Mom was her for over 2 wks which was hard on Sherry and me too really. She is going to need more care very soon. She doesn't seem to be able to do hardly anything for herself but I think part of it is she's lonely. She's not the kind who would call a friend & ask them over to visit. well enough, I need to get to bed! I did find a gold hairband for Micah!! I love you all!! XOXOXOXO GBarb