Thursday, January 24, 2013


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Julie Bastuk said...

I just got the birth announcement in the mail. Oh my gosh, is Micah Ahava the most gorgeous little thing ever! (BTW, are you calling her Micah or Ahava? I've seen both)
I'm sorry I haven't done the best of staying in touch, but know that you come to my mind very often, and Mike and I have had numerous conversations, wondering how things were going for you and Bryan. Your story of this precious little treasure is amazing! I'm going to frame her picture and keep it hanging up so whenever anyone asks who she is I can tell of the great things God has done! I'm so amazed at how you've pushed through, determined to have a baby, and know that I would never have been able to handle the heartache that you've been through in the last many years. I'm hoping to make it to Summer's wedding, and would be thrilled if I could see you and have the privilege of holding your little miracle! I'm so unbelievably happy for you both, and have been so encouraged and filled with hope through your journey. So many blessings be on your little family!
Love you!