Friday, February 15, 2013


The long summers grass peaked high above the earth’s horizon
And my hands danced upon their prickly ends
I felt alone, yet I knew I was not
And my tears flowed freely that day
And my knees sunk into the earth
I was hidden by a wall of golden grain
And as I watched my tears fall to the ground I cried out to my Father,
“Why? Why must we endure so much?”
And it was at that moment I realized as my tears pooled below
It was only with them, that they reflected above
A mirror into eternity
A reflection to something beyond what I could see, infinity, beauty....heaven
No tear wasted
Every one’s purpose to show something more than what we see on earth
I looked through my tears into the Creator’s Love
And beheld my Father’s arms

***In Memory of Eaton Umberger***


BK said...

Wow. Beautiful, Sweet Girl.

Terri Picone said...

Olivia, love this poem. I like the tactile sense of "my hands danced upon [the grasses] prickly ends" and the visual images you ground your reader in at the beginning. The way you turn the tear's pain into a way to see God's love is well-done. Thanks for sharing this.