Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ahava Safari!!!!!!!

We went on a Safari today!!!!!!!!!!!

First we saw a GIANT Giraffe!!!!!!!  Look how BIG he was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH MY!!!!  What is that I see coming???????????????

I better turn over to get a good look!  This must be the main attraction at the safari!!!!!!!!!  I am
kind of nervous..........

IT's the WILD Gracey CHAWENNIE!!!!  (be careful...they kiss!!!!)

Whew!  That was some trip, I need a rest now!!!!!!


Bryan said...

That may be the best safari ever recorded!!! :-)

Bryan said...

Oh my! Thank may be the best safari ever recorded!!! :-)

Klara said...

Nagyi is very proud of her brave granddaughter!!!!!!U sure piked a perfect outfit for the trip.

Mandy said...

I laughed and smiled at these pictures. :) What fun.