Thursday, April 25, 2013


Could one smile be enough to change the world
and change a heart?
Could one giggle destroy thousands of tears
that took years to surface?
Could one snuggle break the pain
and questioning?
Could one Promise shed the light
and cause my knees to bend in reverance?
Could one tiny hand reaching
remind me of my Savior's reaching for mine?
Could one blessing take my breath away day after day?
Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, and YES!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

This World is Not Our Home

My blog has been publicly accessible for nearly 9 years until recently.  It truly saddens my heart to have to make it private, yet I know this is the right choice.  After someone stole my SSN and claimed their federal tax return as me, I was forced to take a look at how much information I post on the web and now that I have Ahava, it is extremely important to protect her as well.  But I am reluctantly doing this because this isn't just my story, my experiences, trials and questions, these are God's.  These are His triumphs, His times of pulling me through, and His smiles as I seek and yearn for Him and I've always typed knowing He would shine maybe even through someone like me and that perhaps someone out there wouldn't feel so alone.  Sometimes, it truly feels like the *nemy wins, but I this is not surrender.  God is doing something powerful, and I will still proclaim His Truths to the ends of the earth!!!!

But now for the good stuff!!!  AHAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is incredible INCREDIBLE!!!  Did I tell you she is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-LE!!!!!????????????
She is nearly 14 lbs now and in 6 month old clothes!  She will be 11 months in 10 days...and you know what that means?  In about a month she will be ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!  How did that happen? 
She is sitting on her own now!  In fact the PT/OT said that her sitting abilities are of a 9 month level!  Adjusted Ahava should only be 7.5 months, so this is VERY good news.  She is able to reach forward and grab a toy and return to a sitting position without falling!
She is having a hard time still with rolling.  We are working on getting from her back to her tummy.  Just today she was relaxed as we worked through some of the therapy we do to help her.  The therapist said that Ahava is ready to be on the go and that her determination will help her, but she has to figure out how to swing her arm over to get to her belly and then to roll and roll and roll everywhere!  I know once she figures this out, there will be no stopping her. 
She also has amazing leg muscles. Everyone who holds her is just so amazed by it, because she truly wants to walk, but needs to get some other muscle tones to work before we work on that. 
Her eating has been marvelous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Praise Jesus!  Every time we all sit down, we feed her something solid.  Just the other day, she ate watermelon and loved it!  She gets all dirty and slimy and I just want to sit there and hug her and rejoice in my slimy little food covered squirrel!!!!!!!! 
She is sleeping through the night now.  We only get up one time to feed her at 2 am.  Before, because she was not getting enough nutrition during the day because of relux, we had to get up 3-4 times at night to feed her.  She actually weaned herself and told us she needed the sleep and now she only feeds that once and sleep about 10-12 hours!!!!!!!!!  It is so cute when we get her up because she just smiles and smiles and smiles!
Gracey truly is her best friend.  I have the funniest photo of Ahava grabbing Gracey's ear and Gracey's eyes are bulging out in terror.  But don't feel too bad, Gracey gets SO much attention, love and scraps!
She is talking and talking and talking!  She has learned Da-Da.  She says "Maaammmaaa" when she upset.  She is into everything that she can get her hands on!  She fits in her stroller without her car seat in it anymore!  She wears shoes!!!! She laughs, giggles, cries with tears, can put her pacifier in her own mouth, and loves Jesus and PEOPLE (when we are near anyone).  She is still in seclusion, and has not been sick since December.  Her hair is growing!  She had bedhead this afternoon when I got her up from her nap. We are so excited for her birthday party.  We are planning something special and are so excited to introduce her to so many people who have been praying and loving her.