Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Many Emotions

In a little while at 10:11 am, Ahava will officially turn ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PRAISE YOU JESUS!  We had a huge celebration on Saturday.  So many people were here rejoicing with us and my heart was overhwlemed by their love once again.  There are so many emotions I have today.  I was on guard against the ones that would steal my joy, and they have not, only happiness and thankfulness remain in my heart to God Who has kept His Promise and has earned the honor for this day.  I kept looking at MY HEALTHY baby girl and I still feel like it is the first time that I am seeing her.  I want to shout, sing, dance and clap my hands!!!!!!!!!!  God You are SO Good!!!!  Thank You! 

The theme of Ahava's birthday party was butterflies and LIFE!  We did a lot of green, flowers, plants, and butterflies.  Some of the decoration ideas have been in my heart for so long, and I was so excited to get everything set up!!!!  Ahava wore a GORGEOUS green frilly dress with yellow flowers on it.  She looked like a little garden fairy!

At her party we did some very special things.  We rented a jumpy house for the kids and of course I had to test it out before they all got here!  How do kids even do it?  I lasted 3 minutes!!!!  I was able to share a little of our journey and then we started by singing a praise song to God.  Our prayer warrior friend, Amanda lead worship and it was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!  We sand "Our God' by Chris Tomlin.  After this Ahava's very special Auntie Ana introduced our next surprise!!!  We released REAL LIVE butterflies to remember and symbolize that God keeps His Promises and Loves and Protects us all just like He did Ahava.  IT WAS SOOOOO TOUCHING to see all the kids and adults opening their envelopes and watching their butterfly fly away!  The kids were elated!  And I am pretty sure the adults felt the wonder of the moment just as if they were a child too!

Then we ate lunch!  Thanks to Grammy we had it ALL ready to go.  Subway!  Pizza!  Veggie and fruit platters, and chips and dips!  Then it was time for THE CAKE!  I have got to admit that I actually had "cake smashing" lessons with Ahava to prepare her for her big day!  She did pretty well with it until she got some cake in her eye and then it was straight to the bath!  The present opening was such a fun moment because it was endless and all the sweet kiddos helped Ahava tear into them and hold them up to show everyone!

The day went exactly how I would have wanted it to go.  We had some guests that stayed for dinner and by the time it was bath time, Ahava was ready to sleep like the little princess that she is.  What a blessing it was to finally see all the people who have been praying and supporting us together with her!  It was a moment I will never ever ever ever forget!  The photos I am posting of of her today at exactly 10:11am!  Our God is SO Faithful to His Promises!  Look at this beautiful little girl!!!!!!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ahava's Birthday Party Photos

I have been having problems posting photos for some reason, so I am making another post just to show her party!  I hope they upload! 

My precious daughter!!!
Got to love a bouncy house!

Worshipping Jesus!
Praying over Ahava

Passing out the butterflies!

Our special envelope "Happy Birthday Ahava: Live for the King of Kings!"
A butterfly on Ahava!!!!!!
Two dear friends and the cake awaiting to be eaten!
Papa and Mommy with our beautiful girl
Having a taste of the yummy cake

Having fun PLAYING with the yummy cake!

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

1st NICU Reunion

This past weekend we traveled to Fort Worth for our first NICU reunion.  We had no idea what to expect, but I am so glad we made the trip!  We got to see the shock on her doctors and nurses faces as they saw how much Ahava has grown!  I think Bryan did a good job at catching the two doctor's faces in the photos below.  It is a time where all the babies who were in the NICU come back and show off what the Lord has done!!!!  A week before this event, Ahava got really sick.  She was vomiting, diarrhea, fever and would not eat for about 4 days.  It came very close to having to go to the hospital for fluids, but the Lord gave me wisdom and began healing her about 4 days into it.  Bryan and I had to rent a wet-vac to clean up her room...yes...that's how much vomit there was.  She also lost a lot of weight and for a preemie who doesn't have much to spare, it was a little devastating to me.  But, something happened after she started feeling better...she began eating and eating and eating!  She even started liking and gobbling up baby food, yogurt, watermelon, oranges, and tasting all sorts of other flavors with excitment!!!  This is what we have been praying for for so long and all I could do what Thank Jesus for giving me Peace during the trial and then showing me that He was working it all for the good somehow.  Ahava is over 14 lbs and I am not sure how much.  She may even be 15 lbs now, but I have decided to veto my scale and stop allowing that to feed into any anxiety.  The Lord will show me when and if I need to be concerned and I trust Him more than a scale.  Ahava is pushing up on her knees a little when she is on her tummy!  She also can go from sitting to on her tummy, but she has not figured out how to get her leg momentum to flip from her back to her tummy without help.  We are convinced she will just skip some of that and start crawling and walking!  In therapy she is learning to take things out of containers and then put them back in as well as get her pincher's working to pick things up.  We are still waiting for her tooth!!!  Where can it be?  She is super verbal, very loving and happy, and has a sweet spirit about her.  We are so blessed!
Auntie Vicki and me!

On our way to the reunion.  The theme was Princesses and Pirates.

This is Dr. Lynch.  I could not get over how this picture captured
her amazement at how big and healthy Ahava is!!!
Posing with Dr. Lynch.  She was one of the two doctors
who worked together to save Ahava's life.  Dr. Barber rotated to
Cook's and Dr. Lynch took the lead with Ahava during those times.

Here is Dr. Barber's amazed face as soon as he saw Ahava!
He was her initial doctor and truly gave his all to save her.  He had
to rotate to Cook's and was allowed to keep one patient and
check on them and he kept Ahava.  It touched out hearts deeply.
Dr. Barber and Ahava!

Here are some of our NICU families and friends.  (Left to Right)
Christopher, Ahava, and Jeremiah.

Jeremiah and Ahava!

Liam and Ahava!

Makena, Ahava, Isha and Abby.
This is one of our favorite nurses, Kim, who cared for Ahava when
she was first born and was her main caretaker. 
I had so much fun showing off what God did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!