Friday, June 28, 2013

13 Months!

Who's up for a swim???
Ahava is 13 months now!  She is quite the character.  I wish I could post a video, but the only ones I take are from my cell phone and the format does not comply.  She is doing so wonderful!  She is nearly 16 pounds now!  She knows how to clap her hands, dance when there's music (which consists of sitting and rocking back and forth!!! SO CUTE!!!), sign "more," CRAWL everywhere!, use a sippy cup on her own, and cruise (where she pulls up on things and is able to walk around while holding on).  She loves her Jumpy thing, the ones that clip to the door frame!  She jumps and jumps and JUMPS!  She does not want to stay still.  I was cutting her finger nails (in which she is just SO laid back about!) and I noticed that her hands are not little any more.  I can remember when they were so tiny and fragile, yet now, they are strong and even pudgy!  She has been sleeping in those Halo Sleep Sack Swaddles for so long now and I can tell she is at the cusp of growing out of that phase.  We lowered her bed and began training her to sleep unswaddled.  Sometimes she is able to do it and then sometimes she just flaps her hands everywhere and wakes herself up, so I end up swaddling her.  It is a little difficult because I know she is not completely comfortable being swaddled, but she is not comfortable being unswaddled.  It kind of leads into our beloved eating issue!  Argghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is still struggling with eating and I am continuing to pray for patience and a light-hearted spirit when it comes to meal times.  She eats solid foods, but only a few really appeal to her.  There needs to be a transition from the bottles to solids, yet I find myself in a corner a lot because I know she does not eat enough solids to skip a bottle.  So it is in this limbo time where she is not quite ready to skip a bottle for the food, but not eating enough for what she needs of the solids.  It is hard to explain unless you know what I am referring too.  It is still something I have to release to the Lord daily.  The past fears and anxiety I had about her eating needs to be thrown into the pit of lies, but I do struggle.

Ahava got her library card!  Look how proud she
is...she celebrated it by promptly eating it.
We have done so many new things lately.  We visited our library for the first time and Ahava got her very own library card!  She also attended her first library reading class!  She was so overwhelmed and curious!  She of course was the smallest 1-2 year old in there.  I couldn't bring her to the baby class, because she is not developmentally there, so I chose to bring her to the 1-2 year old class.  She is 13 months!

We also have been going to the pool and even swam in the lake!  She gets really quiet and just observes and is checking things out.  She will kick her legs in the water and the other day my friend Stephanie taught me how to have her hold her breathe and dunk under water.  I was a little nervous, but she did just fine!

Ahava is my little buddy and comes a lot of places with me now.  I am still being very cautious about who she is around and don't have a problem excusing ourselves from people who are sick.  She is into everything and just loves to crawl around especially when Gracey is involved.  I feel really bad because by the time she is able to reach Gracey, Gracey has evacuated the premises!!!!  I don't blame her, but still I can see the confusion on Ahava's face!
Ahava and I at Summer and Andre's wedding,
Ahava went to her first wedding!  My sweet sweet friend, Summer got married to Andre last month and I was a bridesmaid!  Ahava looked SO cute!

My beloved "tree".  That
little sprig is all that is practically left.
A couple of weeks ago a huge huge HUGE storm came kind of unexpectedly.  It did a lot of damage to our city and even a lot of damage to our home so much so that we had to stay in a hotel for 4 days!!!!  It was a little scary, and unfortunately the effects of the storm has altered our landscape permanently in that my beloved BEAUTIFUL GORGEOUS tree lost its entire top half (about 75%) of it, was on fire and toppled onto our electricity wire and ripped it from our house with violence!  I looked back through my window when it happened and just saw this big ole' fire ball and thought maybe it was a branch....but was nearly the entire thing.  I cried, like really really cried.  The fire truck came screaming down the street and parked right in front of our home!  They determined that the wire was dead now and that there was no more immanent concern.  So many people were in danger so they had to go to the next call.  It was really a strange night here.  Then I had to pack up (this was about 7 pm) and start our adventure in the flooding to find a hotel.  It took 3 tries to find one because no one had power.  Ahava was such a trooper.  She didn't go to bed until after 9pm.  They kept telling us that they would "get to us tomorrow" and that "tomorrow" turned into "tomorrow" and then into another "tomorrow."  We got home Thursday and then unpacked, did laundry, and then packed back up to meet our friends at the lake that we had planned on for a long time.  I mourn my tree daily.  And now the "too much sunshine" is even more too much!  My shade!!!  Where is my wonderful shade???  It is gone now collecting worms and bugs in our alley. 

This is one of my doctors that NEVER gave up
on me and the Promise the Lord had given me.
Dr. Maberry, you are a blessing!!!  This was his
first time meeting Ahava!

Our cute little Squirrel at the lake!

Visiting with Tighe's kids when they
were in town a couple of weeks ago.
Lily (who is holding her) had prayed
that I would have a baby of my own!

It is A FULL TIME job being cute!!!
Hard work!

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