Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Fun

I was so excited to take these photos!  I had been
saving the watermelon for them. This outfit
had watermelon's on the dress and the shoes,
but I couldn't get everyone to cooperate
with it all showing!  But we still had fun!

I was hoping she would kneel down and try
and take a chomp from the big piece, but
she was not certain about it!  Maybe in a
couple of months we can retry it!

I am a graduate of ACU and I have always longed
to dress myu baby in the "Wildcat Onsie" and
take a photo for the ACU Today Magazine!
I was inspired the other day and we went
to the campus and snapped these.  She usually
smiles so much, but I think she was distracted
by everything, as well as her HUGE puffy skirt!

That seems like a LONG LONG time away!  I pray the
Lord will help me live in each day as we love and train Ahava
to be a beautful woman of the Lord!  What a cutie!

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