Thursday, July 04, 2013

Happy Fourth of July

Ahava on last July 4th at 2 lbs 6.8 oz
She was very ill this day.  Her blood gas was high,
and she needed more blood (as you can see the
infusion is taking place in this photo).
For what is independence but a mere glimpse of what is to come?

A shadow to the greater gift that reigns from up above

Ahava one year later at nearly 16 lbs!  She has NO
health poroblems!  Praise Jesus!!!!
So as I watch the sparks and glow among the stars so bright

My tiny little prayer is that we would surrender all tonight

For in the mornings quiet lull I've found the greatest most precious prize

The freedom of my Saviors Love and the compassion in His eyes

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BK said...

Amazing blogs! I love hearing you heart glorify God in verse. Thank you for being a great mom to our little miracle. :-)