Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Ahava is 15 MONTHS

Today Ahava is officially 15 months!  All I have to say is...I LOVE THIS LITTLE GIRL SOOOOOOOO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have gone through so much heart ache wondering what the Lord had planned for a child for us and I can honestly say that the gift He has given me in this little girl goes beyond any of my hopes and expectations.  She is such a very happy child.  We are in a great routine and groove right now.  She got sick a couple of weeks ago and that was no fun at all.  We ended up going to the doctor 2 times and nearly started antibiotics, but I gave it one more day and asked the Lord to help her and the next day her fever broke!  The day after that she was back to herself and then some!

She is 18 lbs 6 oz and 27 inches long!  This girl can crawl with a determination I have never seen!  She is standing briefly on her own.  When she realizes she is doing it, she gets a little nervous and sits.  She cruises on everything though!  She pulls up on cabinet handles, chairs, peoples legs, and practically anything she can get her hands on.  She is very good at transferring from one object to another when she cruises.  She will be at the sofa and then reach for the recliner and is able to get there with no problem! 

A few of her favorite things now are cooking, playing ball with Gracey, and going to the Zoo.  I was so surprised about her take to cooking.  I am not an exquisite cook by any means, but she really enjoys watching and being a part of the process.  She sits on the counter herself pretty well, or I will hold her in my arms and she wont budge, grab or scream.  She is so enthralled with everything going on.  I try to involve her by letting her pour something in, but she isn't that coordinated to help a lot just yet. 

Watching her play ball with Gracey is truly something to behold.  The other evening we were in the living room and I literally watched Ahava and Gracey play together for a good 20 minutes.  Ahava would get the toy, throw it and Gracey would zoom and get it and Ahava would hysterically laugh!!!!  She would then proceed to crawl to Gracey, who completely thought she won the lottery and was pepe-le-pewing around herself!  But she did eventually let Ahava have the toy and Ahava would then repeat the whole thing.  I felt like I was watching the best thing on earth!  I couldn't help but smile and laugh along with the both of them. 

A couple other neat things Ahava is doing is she is able to say several words.  "Mama, Dada, Gracey, Up, Pretty," and her newest one is  "Bubble."  She knows what a light switch is and helps me turn it ON or OFF.  She also has gotten really good at taking her dissolving tablets in her mouth without a syringe needed to dissolve it with water!!!!!  THIS IS HUGE IF YOU KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT!  She even gets excited when she sees the medicine!  She holds the wrapper and then...get this...I open up the cabinet where the trash is, and she drops it in there herself!!!!!!!!!  She also gives Gracey her "good night bone" every evening.  Gracey goes outside and does her business for the night and when she comes in Ahava has the bone and she gives it to Gracey!!!! 

Ahava is growing well!  Her hair is still slow at coming in, but I can tell it is growing for sure.  But, we are still waiting on those TEETH!!!!!!!  Where could they be?  I ask her that a lot!  She really really wants them!  She is excited about food and tries so hard to mash with her gums.  I can't wait until she has her teeth and she can really get at that food!  And speaking of food, we are in a really good place with her eating!  PRAISE JESUS!  I am beyond proud of her!  She still goes through times where she doesn't eat much at all, but it is no where as bad as it was in the past.  In fact, I am going to say in Faith, that this issue will be NO MORE!!! Some of her favorite things to eat are, yogurt, Veggie Straws, fruit snacks, peanut butter granola bars, La Madelene Tomato Soup, pasta, cheese, chicken pot pie, and watermelon.  I have really been trying to encourage her eating those toddler pouches, and she will sometimes, but I really have to make it a big deal.  I try to let her taste or eat anything we are having.  I am still giving her bottles with formula.  She takes about 4-5 a day.  We are slowly getting there with not waking at night to eat, but honestly I don't feel like it is a problem if she wakes and eats. 

Her sleeping is great right now.  I had to do some training with her to sleep unswaddled, but we got it!!!!!  She was so cute.  For a while the new found freedom was a wonder to her and she would flap her arms all over the place.  I am surprised she didn't take flight.  She looked like a gopher to me because she would peek her head and sit up and then I would lay her down and say "time to rest" and then not 5 seconds later, she would gopher again!  I stayed comical mostly through the 4 days that it took to adjust, but once she got the hang of it...IT WAS WONDERFUL!

We are embarking on a new adventure soon and are taking our first plane ride to see our family in MASS.  I am a little nervous as I will be flying alone with her, but I am also excited because she is in that perfect stage where she soaks everything in like a sponge!!!  There will be so much to look at and see!!!!  I found AN AMAZING website that addresses flying with children.  Here is the link.  It was super informative and I got some really good tips and tricks now!  But the real test will be two weeks from now!!!

God is so good.  Life has not been perfect just because He has blessed us.  And my trust and faith in Him still has to be intentional and focused.  I think the times where God does break through and there is Victory, are the times we must really remember where we came from and continue to surrender our hearts to Him in AMAZEMENT for the things we still do not know of. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

My Little Star

It's evening and the day has groaned its head and at last lies down in rest upon the earths cool ground and the comfort of twinkling stars above.  A blanket of of grass sways gently and rythmically as if it were playing upon the violin a lullaby whose soft meoldy finds its way into the ears of every small child.  Our routine is accomplished and the warm bundle, smelling as sweet as a rose and shining clean, glistens in the dusks bliss, as the jewel and treasure she most certainly is.  Her eyes peer to mine.  They are so big, curious, and thirsty for the gifts of the world, and they look to mine, and I stare right back at her.  My eyes open and close slowly, matching her pattern.  I shut my eyes and see the past, what's been recorded in my heart and plays on the screen of my mind.  And then I open and see today in which I must record now, desperate to soak in every detail.  I close again and see the past, a frail yet strong small baby.  I open and before my she lies there...strong, something soon I will have to close my eyes to remember.  She watches me now, eyes heavy and tired.  She holds my hand, and peeks to make sure I am there, watching her, tucking her in, singing,...loving.  And what she doesn't know, is that so am I.  My eyes grow tired and I lean on the rail peeking all the same, until she falls asleep knowing, knowing, knowing...that I love her.