Friday, August 16, 2013

My Little Star

It's evening and the day has groaned its head and at last lies down in rest upon the earths cool ground and the comfort of twinkling stars above.  A blanket of of grass sways gently and rythmically as if it were playing upon the violin a lullaby whose soft meoldy finds its way into the ears of every small child.  Our routine is accomplished and the warm bundle, smelling as sweet as a rose and shining clean, glistens in the dusks bliss, as the jewel and treasure she most certainly is.  Her eyes peer to mine.  They are so big, curious, and thirsty for the gifts of the world, and they look to mine, and I stare right back at her.  My eyes open and close slowly, matching her pattern.  I shut my eyes and see the past, what's been recorded in my heart and plays on the screen of my mind.  And then I open and see today in which I must record now, desperate to soak in every detail.  I close again and see the past, a frail yet strong small baby.  I open and before my she lies there...strong, something soon I will have to close my eyes to remember.  She watches me now, eyes heavy and tired.  She holds my hand, and peeks to make sure I am there, watching her, tucking her in, singing,...loving.  And what she doesn't know, is that so am I.  My eyes grow tired and I lean on the rail peeking all the same, until she falls asleep knowing, knowing, knowing...that I love her.

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