Friday, October 11, 2013


A year ago we had just left the NICU after a nearly 5 month stay.  I can't even begin to process everything that has happened along the way.  There has been so much and I am still weeding through the emotions that have risen.  The Lord is bringing me to a new season.  It is a season of "noursihement."  This past year has been about getting my heart calmed down and into a place of reality after being challenged so intensely for so long.  Ahava is so smart!  Sometimes it truly takes me by surprise!  She took 4 steps the other day to her Daddy, and then has done a couple steps here and there since.  I know when she figures out she can walk, she will not just walk....SHE WILL RUN!!!!!!!!!  I am enjoying the curiousity of our nearly 17 month old!  I can almost hear the wheels in her head turning as she tries and figures out the world around her.  She loves people!  And her favorite place to be is church where at the Name of Jesus, she lifts her hands!  It is so cute!  She is about 20 lbs now give or take.  She says a lot of words and tries to repeat what we say and do.  This is going to be my favorite time with her although it has a lot of weight on as it is her formative years.  I want to be a loving example and show her what it means to trust and Love God.  I have also felt the urgency in our world and deep pains of the chaos and darkness around me.  Bryan and I began memorizing chunks of scripture and it has come in handy as I go about my day.  I don't want the Love of the Lord to be taken out of my heart because the unfairness and anger of the world.  I pray as we continue living in such a time as this and in the constant battle of evil around us, that we will remember who we are in Him.

Ahava a year ago, October 3, 2012
Ahava today October 3, 2013!!!!

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

10 Years is way too long

Today was Natalie Grace's 10th birthday/angel day.  We drove out to Comanche to bring her some beautiful flowers....ten of them.  Ahava picked out a cute letter "N" for her sister as well as a cute squirrel to leave there for her.  It was a hard day in so many ways.  So many thoughts went to through my head....and amongst them was joy and peace.  Thank you God for the blessing of our Natalie Grace and the promise of seeing her again in heaven.  You are cherished and missed every day and at every moment.  I love you little girl....