Sunday, January 05, 2014

The Earth Groans

There is a major shift happening in the spiritual realm.  I felt it as if it were a physical pressure on my spirit for much of this week.  The day it really became "visible" to me was on New Years Eve.  I have spoken to several people who are sensitive to the spiritual atmosphere and they too have noticed this change.  It makes me want to be still, soak in the Lord's presence and store up sound nourishment.  I've felt the need to withdrawal lately in a sense as importantly as it was when we were pregnant with Ahava, to focus my spirit within a war-like battle.  My spirit almost feels sad in a way, like it is mourning, but I am not.  Its reality forces me to acknowledge my desire to live for what truly matters in a time and era where truth is becoming manipulated, distorted, battered, and forced to be hidden.  I am not saying that this will prevail, but the *nemy is devouring, destroying and killing and it is not limited to the physical.  It originates and infects like a disease within our hearts and minds.  If the *nemy can get us to agree with *is lies (and almost always they are geared towards accusing Who God is and the nature of His Love and Goodness) then it truly affects every single thing we think and then affects how we act causing a cycle of destruction and distancing our hearts from the Only Truth and Love that exists.  The world is FULL to the rim of people who operate in this, it is what causes all that we know that doesn't mirror God's heart.  I want the Lord to define the attack and to help us stay strong.  Our society and government is slowly releasing poison into its people.  I keep thinking about the Holocaust and how bewildering it seems to me that others stood by watching the abuse, hatred and murder.  But we must think and learn.  The poison against the beloved Jews was being injected into society for years and years before those unimaginable things happened.  I believe we are in a similar time where poison is being presented to us as knowledge and wisdom, but it is not.  Just like the many people who stood by thinking they were doing the right thing during Holocaust and hating the Jews, we must remember to allow the Lord to guide our hearts in all we do and all that comes our way.  And may we have the strength to live for Jesus in the midst of a world that is beginning to hate Him.

"How great is Your goodness
that You have stored up for those who fear You
and accomplished in the sight of everyone
for those who take refuge in You.
You hide them in the protection of Your presence;
You conceal them in a shelter
from the schemes of men,..."
Psalm 31:19, 20