Sunday, February 02, 2014

Off the Charts CUTIE

So many things are happening lately that I only have a moment to post a couple pictures of Squirrel. She is such an amazing child!  FULL of happiness and joy.  She says so many words that I can't keep track of them anymore.  My favorite right now is her "hello" which sounds like "Looo" and sometimes has an "H" sounds to it.  She will take my cellphone (which she is convinced is really HERS and lets me borrow sometimes) holds it to her ear and says "Loo?" over and over.  It makes me laugh so hard.  We traveled to her doctor appointment check ups the other day and she weighed 19 1/2 pounds and that was ON THE GROWTH CURVE FOR HER NON ADJUSTED AGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa!  She was at a 6% for her weight and height for a 20 month old.  If she was born on time, she would only be 16 months, but I feel like the gap is slowly closing to even having to refer to her non-adjusted age anymore.  Developmentally, she is beyond a 20 month old.  She is so very smart.  She knows her animal sounds, she can count, and name parts of her body!  She is a sponge right now.  Still, the best thing I see in her is a sensitivity to Jesus, worship, the animals and little creatures God made, music and dancing.  She lifts her hands in praise to God so many times.  When we were driving home from Fort Worth I put some worship on and looked back in the mirror and there she was with her hands raised in praise!  I want her to know Jesus more and more.

She was really dancing in this picture!!!!

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