Tuesday, March 18, 2014

He Would be THREE

Our son Josiah was born 3 years ago today at 2:08pm.
His heart had stopped beating in the womb at over
22 weeks gestation. 
Three, three, three
Years without and years with
so many things can happen in three years
but my life is still not the same
I imagine you with your sister daily
playing, laughing, and causing all sorts of innocent childish trouble
and my heart wanders into the eternal
into the place I am not allowed just yet except in my mind and heart
I wonder, imagine, dream, yearn and constantly call for justice
and I know that one day there will be.
Justice will call back to me and His Face will bring to Light even the darkest pain.
So, I chose to believe, I chose to believe what my heart cannot see today
I chose to believe that my yearning is more than just sorrow
but the constant reminder of our true home

"I know that whatever God does,
Ecc. 3:14

Dear Josiah,

We went to the marina today and released balloons
for you.  I hope you saw them!  Your sister picked out
the smiley face one, mine was the blue star because you
shine bright in the heavens, and Papa
got you the birthday red star balloon because
we celebrate you today.
We thought it would be fun to release them near the boats
because you probably would have loved them!
We miss you every single day and long
for the Joy of things to be restored one day
and be together in heaven. I love you.
Josiah's Grammy went to remember her grandson
today where he is buried in Texas.

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Bethany said...

Wow, just beautiful Olivia. I admire your faith.