Tuesday, April 01, 2014

I NeedA Laugh

A LONG time ago, I used to do a segment on my blog every week that was dedicated to "needing a laugh." I titled it "I NeedA Laugh".  I don't know why I combined the "A" with the "Need", that is just the way "I NeedA Laugh" goes.  Anyway! Today is the day where it reappears!  There is a site I go to frequently.  It is called www.FaithIt.com.  I was so tickled at these posts, that I had to share them.  The title for them was something like, "I always knew superheroes were real!" Enjoy them and remember that laughing is a good thing that God created out of the beauty of His being! 


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Anonymous said...

These are great! I think the puddle is my favorite :)