Monday, April 28, 2014

Shining for LIFE: Rhododendron Parade

This weekend we were able to be a part of something special, our first parade and experience as a community member in our new city.  We partnered and sponsored with the Pregnancy Care Center and walked with a purpose to share the hope that abortion does not have to be the choice, that God can offer hope and that these girls are not alone and can chose to be surrounded by resources and by God's Love.  The JRophe ministry here offers free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to the community.  I am telling you it is a HUGE deal in these parts.  We need the Lord's power to open the eyes of this city in this aspect. We made Ahava a special outfit that day to show people that a tiny little life can LIVE and be healthy and she truly walked with a covering and blessing around her and spread Joy all over the city.  It said "23 WK" on the front and "MIRACLE" on the back.  We had many many MANY people ask about her story.  WE GOT TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT WHAT GOD DID! The mention of God and Jesus in this city is a lot different from where we were in Texas.  There is a big resistance to Jesus here, but I could tell God used Ahava's story and testimony to soften hearts and cause people to think.  To see the AMAZING CALL on Ahava's life already in play overwhelms me often.  I pray the Lord can guide me with wisdom as she continues to become aware of Who God is and Who He will always be for her. She looked like a little rhododendron flower!  The paper actually took a picture of her walking and dancing and asked to possibly use it, but I don't think they ended up doing so.  She would walk, jump, dance and wave to everyone as she walked by.  I could hear people squealing as she approached them on the sidelines because they couldn't wait for her to walk by.  I know I am her Mom, but really...she was beyond adorable that morning! I am a little convinced she thought it was all for her, but I am not going to burst her bubble!  She can think that if she wants too!  Ha-Ha!!!   It actually turned out to be a long walk for all of us that morning and by the time we reached the end, we all were ready for a good nap, but we knew it was for a reason, to push back darkness with Love.  We got to talk and love on a lot of people in the community that we would have never had an opportunity to do it like that otherwise.  One little one, our leader got a picture of me talking and praying for without me even knowing it (picture below).  And of course Ahava made LOTS of furry little friends, one of whom she adored that walked with us (see picture below).  There was a lot of take in during the walk, especially since we had an eternal purpose upon our shoulders.  I knew as we got ready that morning, to pray over all of us for protection and for the Lord to walk before us.  It was a true blessing.

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