Saturday, May 24, 2014

Ahava's 2nd Birthday Party

Welcome all Butterflies
and bugs!  Ahava's 2nd birthday party!
We had all the children (and even some adults
joined in) chose a pair of wings and bug antennae!
Here is the yummy cake!  It was so beautiful
and also so yummy!  Half was white cake and
the other was chocolate.  Both sides had
a raspberry filling!  I can still taste it!

Here is the birthday butterfly all dressed and ready
for her special day!  I loved the lighting and her
expression in this photo!  It captured her
childlike wonder at all the stuff around her!
Some of the decorations!  We found some neat things,
one was the leaf lights we had hanging on the fireplace!
They were so cool with the theme.  We wanted it to
be like a beautiful garden!

My joy!

Goodie bags for the children!

Here is the nectar station!  Ha-ha!  We also had yummy
lemonade available, that didn't make the picture.

One of my favorite ideas was the "bug dig station."  After the kids
dug up their bugs, they came over to this table and made a
"home" for them in a jar.  We had leaves, wood chips, sticks
and ribbons to tie it with.

Here is the bug dig station!  We bought some really cool plastic
bugs and hid them in the dirt so the kids could dig them up and
find them.  We bought 2 big dirt bags and filled this container.
The kids HAD SO much fun finding them.  There were ants,
grasshoppers, butterflies, worms, cockroaches, ladybugs, dragonflies,
and centipedes, flies and spiders!  It was so much fun!

We just used mason jars from the dollar store and printed some
fun labels for them!

We decided to do chips and dips this year.  It was something easy
we could do that still was fun. We had such a neat variety!

Making a home for their bugs!

Digging for bugs!!!!! (We could not peal Ahava away!)

We also played a really fun game where the children
had to "fly" like bugs and find petals of specific color
flowers that we called out.  We explained that Ahava
was learning her colors and that the kids had to help her!
It was so cute.  Ahava was so happy!!!

Finding the petals!!!

Family photo right before singing Happy Birthday!

This is Ahava's face when everyone was singing to her!  She was so

I don't think she likes the cake, do you?

Opening her gifts!

A very very happy two-year old!

Papa and Mama got this for her!  She is very much into make-believe
and taking care of baby!

After a long and blessed day, Papa snuggles and reads a book before bed.

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Dino said...

I hope this gets posted! Sure wish Mom and I could have been there. Looks like so much fun and so creative! Love you guys. Gary is doing a little better every day. Mom, David and KC were at the ranch today. We thought about California!