Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Everlasting-ness Eternal

How often I speculate upon thoughts so fragile,
as if one more word placed upon their influence
would cause the entity to shatter like sparkling glass
amidst a dark and starless sky
But my heart ignored such warnings and onward it raced into fathomless waters
where they no longer made sense,
yet their presence revealed themselves upon the blankness of unwritten pages
For that is what I was that day
So unknown
So uncatergorized
So unborn
All I knew is that I thirsted deeply and dipped my tongue upon Wisdom's endless supply
and I as discretely so, eased upon its wake
and found myself persuaded deeper and deeper within Her comfort
Although I began to feel constrained and confined,
I neither felt trapped nor crushed
And it was particularly exceedingly odd
being that as I was so drawn intensely forward,
that I looked back and the reality of my path remained among the blurred corridor
The words beckoned me still,
until abruptly an unfamiliar reality began to disclose
It was as if a Hand reached down ablaze with the soft glow of every word known for Love trailing magnificently behind it
A canopy of language both known and unknown dangled effortlessly like rays of golden
being almost so real, that I unattainably reached out to touch them to no avail
Her colors were proudly displayed as they flowed and followed forward
the Light moved towards my body as if they were on assignment and rejoiced together
as they lit my spirit with an everlasting-ness eternal
There was no choice in me, no unknowings of her agenda
It revealed itself and my frail thoughts arose triumphantly as strength with deep roots and solid stature
My words joined with those which already had passed
and into the expanse and beyond into eternity they continued without an achievable end
Even to this day, if it even were appropriate now to consider it as one,
I've felt its embrace, solid and firm,
so refreshing and wondrously mysterious
I've met the Wisdom of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit
and it shall be my ceaseless voyage of treasure to collect upon my heart within earthly existence
Let me be true and faithful with these jewels
and I shall ever exhort Your Faithfulness til the end
Let my spirit persist upon my need and let not darkness therefore expect anything from me
I am Yours, and Yours shall I be from now and as I walk into eternity.

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