Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Pictures of our Growing Girl (26 MONTHS!!!!!)

Thank you Jesus for our precious daughter. 
For all the JOY we have with her everyday!

This is what happens when you leave
a toddler alone for 2.5 seconds...
she finds your lipstick!!!!  LOL!

Ahava has had tooth after tooth come in
so fast.  She now has 8 and two more on the
way.  She was eating a yogurt pop to help
her poor swollen gums.  I think it helped, don't you?

Look at how big she is getting!!!  That's my sweet girl!
Last time we weighed her, so was a whopping 23 lbs!!!

This was her birthday present from Grammy!  A Strider bike!
They are so neat because they do not have peddles on them.
It is made for kids from 18 months on to help them learn
balance and steering!!!  She was so excited!!!!

She also got her cute helmet and knee, elbow and wrist pads!
Isn't she adorable? THANKS GRAMMY!!!
She looks so grown up here!
For father's day, we surprised Papa with a tour of the bay.  We had
a lot of fun and even saw several seals!!!  Ahava enjoyed it as well.

We went to Ocean World one day and Ahava had her first
taste of surfing!!!! 
My sunshine. 
Every Minnie needs a carrot to eat!  My creative little squirrel!

Having fun playing outside!
Can you spot the cutest little thing in the toy box?
Trying to do a hand stand!  She is almost there!
This is not a giant tupperware is a boat!!!!!

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