Saturday, September 20, 2014


If we store up knowledge from the Bible and from our walk with the Lord
If we gather the words and information and then allow the Holy Spirit to apply it to our hearts and lives
it becomes WISDOM.
We can have knowledge, but wisdom is entirely a different story
and to gain such a disposition would be blessed
But shall this be the end of its story?
Shall wisdom simply die rejoicing only for our mind and heart alone?
Is wisdom meant just to affect our individual selves?
It should not "die" within our mortal being
If it stops within us, what use is it truly?
There is more, so much more, seen and unseen shall continue
Continue into actions
spilling over the cup
overflowing into others lives,
a perpetual domino affect
This is what it means to not merely "die within us"
We must allow it to nourish others
a taste of Truth that we carry freely
For perhaps we are their only experience of Love
For His word is certainly ALIVE
and now we must LIVE it

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