Sunday, September 14, 2014


Bryan did his first (and I believe his last! Ha-ha) Mudrun today.  We really didn't know what to expect except that there would be lots of mud, obstacles, and a little over 6 miles to run!  We had surprised him with T-shirts that we designed for him to run in.  I knew in all circumstances the Lord wants to declare His Glory and purpose and so I asked Him what He wanted to say on the shirts and I saw a runner running to the cross who was muddy and the words "Cleaned by Love" on the front.  On the back was the scripture from Isaiah 1:18 saying "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool."  I wish I had a better picture of it, but you can see it at the end of these pictures.  Ahava was SO SUPER excited!!!  She has known he has been preparing for a run and would frequently say "Papa mud run!"  We happened to arrive within SECONDS of him starting.  We didn't expect to see this part because Ahava and I drove out there after her nap.  I didn't even try to make it, because knew it would be impossible, but truly I wanted to be there.  But as we LITERALLY strolled over to the start they were counting down the clock and lo' and behold...PAPA RAN right by us!!!!  Then I really didn't quite know what to do or where to wait to see him, they took off towards a pasture and field that was blocked off.  I saw a couple of people I knew and Ahava got to pet the creatures in the free petting zoo...GOTTA LOVE THE LITTLE POT BELLY PIG, can I please have him???!!!!!  Then we saw our friend Cindy from JRophe and we all decided to walk down to the street side and see the obstacles there.  Then in the distance I saw a familiar run style and it was Bryan!!!!!  We were allowed to go right up to the big pit and with some cheering and encouragement, PAPA didn't let his little squirrel down....HE DOVE IN LIKE SUPERMAN PAPA and then even got a quick kiss from a darling princess butterfly squirrel and continued on his way!!!  Ahava and I then went and found the last obstacle...the massive SLIP -n- SLIDE and camped out there waiting for Papa to reappear and receive more applause and love from his fans!  I didn't know what to do when we saw him, but decided that I was going to video it instead of taking pictures...yet now, I totally wish I had some pictures because it was just so funny how he chose to descend!!  Bryan says there is a way to freeze the video to capture a picture on our camera, so I may try and figure out how to do this and add it later.

One of the neatest things that happened...besides getting to share Ahava's story with several people (and it is just so strange how the Lord leads people to ask about it...I secretly feel like she is some sort of celebrity sometimes!!!  But I know it is just that people can sense the Lord's presence on her and us and the Joy that follows us every where!), was when  Bryan finished the race....and we are talking about CRAZY mud pits, tunnels, crawling under wires and so much that was just DIRTY....but get this!!!!!....are you ready????? A PATCH ON THE BACK OF HIS SHIRT WAS PRACTICALLY UNTOUCHED BY THE MUD...and you know what that patch allowed people to read still??? YES....THE SCRIPTURE!!!!...see for yourself....and I know you wont miss the fact that the area that is not stained MAKES A HEART AROUND THE SCRIPTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Can I hear a WHOA??????????

PAPA diving in!

Look at that mud splash!!!

I give it a 9.5!

A kiss from his precious daughter!  Now isn't that the BEST!?

Keep going PAPA!  You're almost there!


Back heart shaped untouched patch around the scripture!

I love you, but don't stand too close!!!  LOL

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