Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Soundtrack of Life

The church was hot and sticky with the feel of what I supposed fog must be like if you sat directly upon it.  The presence of those around me were evident only by the simultaneous eruption of voices that thundered eternity and echoed in mortal times perpetual cavity.  We came to press through, to war against our flesh and to battle against the encroaching tactics of the *nemy. And I pondered how if one were to capture all the voices that yearned for the throne at any given moment on earth, I am sure it would deafen mortal ears.  Yet, God seated upon His throne, hears the passions of HIStory.  HIS-story.  He willingly pairs Himself with man's dilemma of time, meets us here and hears the present's pulse and the cries of our futures; looking to us like mere empty pages, yet to Him written entirely brilliantly with moments of intervention, love, and compassion.  All these arrive upon His ears precisely at the same time, and to Him it is a symphony of music that ebbs, glides and flows rhythmically and masterfully and He smiles and delights.  I wondered that day where our voices entered this eternal chant-like loop.  What was behind this moment?  And what was still to come? Where did we fall upon times brilliant walkway of Adoration to our King? I thought of the creatures in Ezekiel who see God's face and simply cannot stop crying out day and night "Holy! Holy! Holy! Is the Lord God Almighty!  The whole earth is full of His Glory!" Can I even imagine how Glorious God is that I could simply NEVER stop saying these words?  I Praised Him in my heart, I could not help keeping the awe and wonder at bay. And that we being so lower than these creatures who ACTUALLY SEE GOD'S FACE, can be given such a gift; the privilege to be adding to the cadence of it all.  The beauty about this glorious mystery lies in the fact that we don't even have to acknowledged its existence for it to exist.  Oh how I wish all could see!  A thread, a note, a chord, but so valuable and so loved, Yet, we most certainly are a part of something so organized, purposed, intricate, beloved and Holy.  Jesus Christ says we are fellow Kings and Queens when we become adopted into His family.  I longed to be enveloped in this Truth both in body and soul.  The voices continued to echo through my heart and mind.  It persevered into my soul as my surroundings faded more and more and I am convinced at that moment, we all were no longer attached to time, but that our hearts glimpsed into the Father's heart and as we prayed and pressed in together, He meet us and nurtured His children.  As I left there that evening, I imagined the worship, the words, the music and instruments, and our desire and longing for Truth still floating around as not a part of simply the present any longer, but that of a treasure we now had of one that travels beyond the now into a realm and time that is not mortal.  A beauty that joined the past worship and desperate longing for our Jesus as well as the future's sounds that echo so softly to our ears, yet are in its proper place of life's grand symphony for His ears.  All this....a perpetual worship concert to exalt Jesus constantly with all the heavens, stars and His creation throughout time... ALL of time...that is THE PAST, THE PRESENT and the FUTURE.  Our voices are eternity, a timeless beauty still continuing through the heavens, with the saints,...the soundtrack of life.

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