Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A New Song

The Lord gave me this new song last night....
We ask You God to remain with us
Building on our Faith and Trust
We seek You now in all we do
Come reassure us with Your Truth
We cry with one strong unified voice
Knowing that You are our only choice
We press into Your Holy court
Come show us Your stable heart
We cry out from our longing
We cry out for our need
We cry out for this hunger
To be fulfilled as we sing
And we worship You our God
We worship You our King
Come Majesty, Come Victory
Oh' death where is your sting?
We lift up our hands high to You
We lift our hearts and praises too
We shall not give into fear
When Your Holy presence meets us here
We cry out from our hardships
We cry out in desire
We cry out for this thirst
To be fulfilled and inspired
Do not withhold Your goodness
Do not withhold Your Light
We need You now our God and King
Come reassure Your beloveds tonight
Lifting You high
Giving You Praise
There's no other Name, but Jesus
He breaks off our chains
Reminds us our name
By the power of Jesus
And so we now sing
In Praise to the King
And worship at His throne
We sing Praise on high
For we know He's alive
Giving all our Praise
To Jesus

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