Saturday, November 29, 2014

Stepping into her Story

The quietness of the moment
was our blanket of comfort
fluffed ever so carelessly about our bodies
and full of warmth and belonging
It enveloped all times' past and future
and paused its pleasure amongst the colors that we danced about that morning
Nothing was the same
and yet nothing could ever be so again
Her face began to recognize her canvas
its endlessness about her and a gift given to her heart to rejoice over
Her eyes anxiously drank in the colors of His Glory
and her appetite awakened to His Beauty
She knew without saying many words
She comprehended without speaking what she could not so eloquently describe yet
that..........He was here with her that morning
and she couldn't help but admire the gifts about her
she couldn't help but smile as her hands played the petaled keyboard
and small tender dew droplets bursted from their hiding place
as if a grand game of peek-a-boo commenced
Her eyes knew of nothing else besides the intriguing mysteries about her
and she knew they were all from Him to her
and she knew that her life would some how become these small somewhat insignificant moments
her life was more than just living from one event to the next
but it was living in the "now"
living in the canvas of life's grand purpose for Jesus
and the privilege of what happens when you do it with Him together.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Her Gift

A rock was all her world was that day
one tiny piece of happiness splotched with the colors He gave her
His Master's Paintress commenced upon her canvas and gave it eyes to see
straight into the heart of our neighbor
and placed it within her garden, simply to make her happy

You are so giving,
so gentle
and already able to spread God's Love in the ways you can at 2 1/2
You are so loved, sweet girl...
and I....I am so BLESSED.