Sunday, January 25, 2015

I WANT!!!!!!

Grocery stores are always interesting places to me. I am a people watcher! But more often than not lately, since Ahava is usually with me, I end up being the "show" rather than getting to observe others. Like that one day when she sang the entire song from "Sound of Music" to this poor unsuspecting old lady who was shopping right by us. Poor woman as to not be rude, stayed through the whole song......The extended uncut Ahava version....BLESS HER HEART...with multiple reprises and fading in and out of repetitiveness echoing verses, some of which I do not even recall being in the original version. We were seeing something new being created right before our eyes!!!! At one point we all thought she was done and with half panic and relief she began to part, but apparently the encore commenced right before our eyes her tiny little voice couldn't hold back singing about her "favorite things!!" I think Ahava was even surprised at this point! Another 5 more minutes and we were all finally on our way out of the canned vegetable aisle. Yes this was couple weeks ago. But today was a new level!!! We were making our way through the store and adhering to our usual flow of aisles, when we came upon the dreaded CANDY aisle! Probably within the last few months Ahava has learned and tested her "I want!" and "I need"'s when we are at any store. For a while there she did so wonderful, I thought she would even perhaps skip that stage! But, nope! She has figured it out and even adds some good whining, screaming and other non verbally comprehensive sounds and gestures. She saw the glistening sugar to our right. All sorts of shapes, sizes and colors that I swear know each and every child's name and whispers it to them. It took up more than half of the aisle. Ahava  reached out her hands and began taking an inventory of which ones she "needed." Next, she began telling me about it. Then she began demanding the Swedish fish and the bite size milkyway bars. Momentarily proud of her choices, I smiled and reach for the.....NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! What was I doing? Stand firm Mama, STAND FIRM!!!!!!  Regrouping from my momentary weakness, I floated back down to earth, took a breath and again grasped the situation with clarity!  I told Ahava that we were not going to get any of them. She cried louder now and thinking it would help, I repeated myself. I think her feet and hands joined in to express her deep dissatisfaction at this point. I looked at Ahava and told her we were NOT going to get any and that "they were junk food."  She then started yelling and crying. Her words were VERY clear and could be heard possibly in the parking lot...."I WANT JUNK!!!!!!! I WANT JUNK!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She cried and whined the phrase over and over and over!!! I couldn't help but start laughing uncontrollably!!!!! Every time she said it, I just giggled!!! People looked at me. I just smiled and turned the corner down the next aisle as Ahava continued screaming, "I WANT JUNK MOMMY!!!!!"  I can't wait for the days when I can people watch again!!!


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LOL!!! Oh Ahava!! she is so funny. The things they say.