Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

Praying a blessing of LOVE over everyone today. We know LOVE because He first LOVED us. We can LIVE LOVE because His LOVE is abundant and good. He gives GOOD things. He shows us in that the earth is FULL of His Glory. LOVE is our gift. LOVE is our grace. And LOVE is our weapon. Praying over all we have come to LOVE in His Name. Be blessed as you discover His beauty today and always. We LOVE YOU!!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Happiest Dog Alive

Gracey came along with us to our marriage ministry leader conference this week. We just arrived home today. The funny thing is, is that we also took Ahava!! But that's for another post. Let's just say she thought everyone was there for her! And most were child deprived because of leaving theirs behind, so she got LOTS of attention! On the 5 hour drive back, Gracey finally snuggled in after the loopy and winding roads were behind us on the last 45 minutes. That's right...pretty much all the way you drive around one curve sharp to the left, and then cut the wheel to the right and go around that curve all while going up and down, through tunnels of trees and being blown by the wind. I was a little concerned for her as on our first trip here in Northen Cali as we drove from Oregon (read our story of arrival in February 2014's archive) to get to our new home, she threw up 3 times. And yes, the roads are that curvy!!!! I looked over and had to snap this shot of her sweet face as she laid in Bryan arms. I can totally see her smiling! I love Gracey so much. I can't believe I have had her for 10 years now. She has been so faithful. I have seen her body start showing signs of aging though. She still plays and is active, but I can tell her joints bother her. What a precious gift she is. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Bryan

We had some fun days this week, with a birthday party of our neighbors that I got to help set up for! It had a bouncy house and when Ahava got there I truly think a bright beam shot down from heaven and landed right on that thing signaling all of her two and a half senses to come and do some damage. (She left with the biggest bruise on her shin that I have ever seen!!!!!) And the cool side story here is ......we literally prayed that God would move a Christian believing family into the house across from us that had stood empty for months and months. I remember one night even walking over there and praying that prayer and guess what? God totally rocks!!! A wonderful family moved in there in November of last year and are becoming good friends to us! They have 3 small children and we have even shared dinner together! God is so gracious and gives good things! I am very thankful for our neighborhood. I truly am. And speaking of neighborhood, Ahava is wearing a bow in this picture that a neighbor made for her.
She brought over what she called "a secret project" for us girls to do together a couple nights ago, and we sat down one evening at the table and all made these bows for Ahava! Now what can be sweeter!??? I am so touched by this persons love. She is so sweet. God has also opened our hearts to several other people on our cul de sac. The family next door has a younger daughter whom Ahava loves and they instantly became friends. She has joined our family for dinner several times now, bought Ahava gifts when they were on vacation (I sweet is that????), and we went to her basketball game last week! We plan to have her family over for dinner soon. 
We also know all the dogs on our street ( Lola, Hound Dog and his two barking mates, Gracey!!!, Frodo, Tinker, Bella and several cats two of whom Ahava LOVEs, (Wilbur and Ruby (rubes) ) and have had some really sweet moments with the older couple at the end of the cul de sac which whom the man is very ill with Parkinson's disease. He needs constant care and it is so neat to visit him and see him click with me finally after a while of us being there and coming out of his mind and communicating with us and Ahava. It is a privilege. These simple moments. He was rushed by ambulance to the ER the other day and was admitted for Flu. We have been praying. They are elderly and his wife loves Ahava. She gave her a knitted blanket she did herself and some other sweet gifts as we have stopped by to visit and encourage them. But beyond that even, their 
home health care staff loves Ahava too. So much so, that they bought her a Christmas gift. My heart just melted this Christmas season. I had some very unexpected gifts from the hearts of our neighbors and that truly blessed me. Please be praying as we continue to share the Love of the Lord here. The Lord has asked me to organize a block party for our neighborhood in June! I'm so excited!!!!

Ahava is so very strong! She can hang on the bars all by herself for a LONG time! She also swam pretty much by herself today with her floaties! It felt very strange to not have her close by us as we swam. She knew what she was doing and how to compensate her weight in the pool. She tried so hard to swim! She would have done it by shear will if she could have! 

We are experiencing some major flooding here in Northen California. This is on the way to our church. The "lakes" you see on either side of the roads are really fields that usually have a bunch of cows in them. We are blessed to be living in a area of town that is higher elevation and so is not experiencing any localized flooding, but as you can see there is quite a bit around us. I wouldn't be surprised if upon our return trip home the road is completely covered. 

Happy birthday Bryan!!!! We had a great and busy 41st birthday for Bryan on the 8th. It started the night before with dinner with some friends and yummy red velvet cake!! Then at church we sang to him during service. The children's ministry all made Bryan something in their classes and then we literally got in the car, got our stuff and headed to Napa valley for a ministry retreat. We ate at Outback Steakhouse for dinner! Bryan mapquested it and we found it on our way there! He also got some very special gifts when we got to the hotel. He had a lot of cakes and gifts! Here's us after service with his huge piece of cake!!!!
Singing Happy Birthday at Outback!!!
I'm telling you what! We have some of the most beautiful rainbows ever! I am getting really good at knowing when they are approaching and which way they will go. This rainbow in the picture was the other day. It is right above Ahava's head. She RUNs and JUMPs and SKIPs all over the house when they are out. But she still doesn't understand where they went after! It is all so cute and sad at the same time. "Where did it to Mommy... I dough no where did it go" she says so with her little eye brows furrowed. "Oh gosh," I think as I look at her disappointment. Can I please go color the rainbow in the sky again???? I'll be right back Ahava!!! Just sit there looking cute!!!

We are also spending time with families in   the church. This was when we were handing out flyers to our church movie night where we showed "Faith Like Potatoes" (such a good movie!!!!!!).  The kids enjoyed coming. They were singing and talking and really just the joy of the show as we knocked on doors and invited people to come. 
And here's more of our church family "family!" It is so neat that we have been here a whole year now and have seen these kiddos grow together. What a blessing! It truly excited my heart to see how they are growing and knowing Jesus!!!!  Gotta love Batman and his side kick, Flower Squirrel!
Ahava is still healing from the Whooping Cough. Every little virus or cold or even allergy makes it harder for the Cillia to heal in her airways. She is trying so hard to calm her body down, but we have had to use the nebulizer for her because of wheezing. Whatever virus she last had really slowed down her healing process. Please pray for total healing of her airways and lungs. She is sug a big girl and can do the treatment without any help. 

Welcome Toren!!!

Welcome our new nephew, Toren, to the world. We are praying that you will grow strong and know the Lord. We are blessed that you are in our family. We can't wait to meet you someday.