Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Happiest Dog Alive

Gracey came along with us to our marriage ministry leader conference this week. We just arrived home today. The funny thing is, is that we also took Ahava!! But that's for another post. Let's just say she thought everyone was there for her! And most were child deprived because of leaving theirs behind, so she got LOTS of attention! On the 5 hour drive back, Gracey finally snuggled in after the loopy and winding roads were behind us on the last 45 minutes. That's right...pretty much all the way you drive around one curve sharp to the left, and then cut the wheel to the right and go around that curve all while going up and down, through tunnels of trees and being blown by the wind. I was a little concerned for her as on our first trip here in Northen Cali as we drove from Oregon (read our story of arrival in February 2014's archive) to get to our new home, she threw up 3 times. And yes, the roads are that curvy!!!! I looked over and had to snap this shot of her sweet face as she laid in Bryan arms. I can totally see her smiling! I love Gracey so much. I can't believe I have had her for 10 years now. She has been so faithful. I have seen her body start showing signs of aging though. She still plays and is active, but I can tell her joints bother her. What a precious gift she is. 

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