Friday, March 06, 2015

A Day is an Offering

What is a day but an offering to the One Who knows where I need to be and when? I love those times where we let our flesh go and just follow the Lord's Voice. At first it feels so uncomfortable, so strange like we are missing a piece of clothing, but it is where we need to be His hands and feet.  Those times are hidden treasures.  When our schedules explode in fits of rage at our divergent path. Oh poor schedules. If they only knew, right? If they only knew that God may have a different plan that day. If they only knew that the times where you were late was one where you weren't in that 6 car pile up on  HWY 91. If they only knew that our lives do not belong to them, but it goes even deeper, it doesn't even belong to US!!!! If our schedules only knew that they are a mere illusion to the reality of our times and cause more noise within the head of a million noises swirling endlessly around me. They deafen me daily and I must weed through their message, I must search with my eyes closed for that One Voice and follow. Follow without even knowing where I am going. Because I trust Him. Oh. How I trust Him indeed. He has proven this to me over and over.  He is my GPS. He knows where my next stop will be and for how long. He knows what cancellations can truly mean and how my attitude affects His purpose for that. He knows after my appointment is cancelled I'd drive home and stop in the parking lot to talk to my dearest friend. He knows that an old man in front of me standing there would collapse. He knows that I would run out there and begin praying, holding on to him, stroking his arm and back and asking Jesus to be there with us. He knows that I would stay when other bystanders left...they had to keep their schedules, right?  He knows that the ambulance and Firemen would arrive. He knows that I would keep talking to him. He knows that I would offer to help him get his groceries and give him a ride home after he refused against all better judgment to go to the hospital.  He knows that I would talk to him about Him. He knows that I would tell him about what He did for me and to share the gospel and tell him that You want him to accept You in his heart and ask forgiveness and to let You in his life. He knows that I would drive him to his apartment, so bare, so lonely, so so so lonely and help the 79 year old man inside. Help him to his bed, speak with his neighbor and make sure he had some dinner. He knows that I would be touched deeply about what had happened and tears would swell down my cheeks all evening long. He knows that the next day he would be taken to the hospital and I would check on him and be told that he may not make it much longer.  He knows and I don't, and that is why I will chose to follow.  Get me out of the way Lord and thank You for showing me.

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