Thursday, April 02, 2015

The Creator, The Author

For the hope You had for this 
Merely only a fraction remains 
Created once so rich with colors
Their authenticity today we'd doubt
We've stolen Your masterpiece and decided we could paint it better than You
Erasing Your Name, the Holy of Holies
we've written our names on it instead, "ME"
How ashamed I am
How far away we've traveled from that time
That we don't even know the consequence of what we lack
The weight of what we have done
In assuming the veering was You
And we condemn You for what WE HAVE produced instead
We've plagiarized Your masterpiece, messed it up
Yet blame you for its misrepresentation
There are only mere little treasures about us now that have not been corroded so
Hiding in the midst of daily life's trials and tales
Needing His help to uncode the mystery and give us eyes again to see through Him, to them
A grand game commences about us to treasure hunt 
And Your Voice is what will lead us
To the coordinates that You have designed
May our eyes be open to Where You are
And may our hearts allow You only to be Praised
And we will find treasures unimaginable!!!!!!