Monday, May 04, 2015

The Joy of Improvisation

Enjoying a reward after her victory!!!

We accidentally left Ahava's portable potty in Redding at our hotel. We planned to use it on the drive home like we successfully did on the way there and during our time in the hotel, but about a good chunk into the trip home and many winding curves later, she woke from her nap and repeatedly asked to go potty finally refusing the diaper she had on, so I pulled over on the side of the road and we attempted,..... to NO AVAIL, to locate her princess potty. The cute one that makes music when "you go."  We searched everywhere, under luggage, pillows and snacks. It was no where to be found!!!!!!!!????????? How did we forget this???????? That should have been the first ITEM IN THE CAR!!!!! Yikes!!! I trudged her up a hill into some thick trees in the approaching 100 degree sun, Bryan encouraged her to "be like Mama at the Grand Canyon" (when you gotta go, ya gotta go) and do her business outside. I was very curious to how this would go, but I made it as fun and as exciting as I possibly could. I found a hidden grove and looked around for any other contributing efforts to get her to be more comfortable during her first outdoor experience in our make shift bathroom. I saw a tiny little log piece and decided this was the "lucky one"!!!!! In attempt to convince her this was not scary and "just like our bathroom at home" (right!!!!!) I checked it over to find the right side and perfect angle to sit on, brushed it off and made sure it was secure with no surprise protruding splinters or spiders hiding, and told her she was going to go potty here. She looked at me and said "I gonna pee on a stick? I'm going to pee on a stick!" I sat her down carefully just waiting for the screams and protest, but instead she was pretty amused. I told her to push out the pee-pees just like we do on the potty and that Papa was going to be soooo proud!!! That sealed the deal!!! and she started to go immediately and was rather surprised and delighted at her victory. She did such a good job at waiting to go. She really needed too! She was really started to get this potty training thing!!! I was so proud her diaper was dry!!!! Yes! We're almost there!!! I was so happy at my evident success that I was doing a little jig showing off for Bryan and our car "Arphaxad" in the distance. It wasn't until she said to me she was done that I looked down and realized that as well as my plan was supposed to work, the problem was there was no hole in the log, so all the....ummmm..."liquid" simply rolled over the side of the log straight down Ahava's pants and into her SHOE (her nice new dress shoes that she INSISTED on wearing or the world would end) filling it up precisely enough that as I took it off of her foot, I actually had to pour out the contents on the ground. I took off the unexpected dripping targets, all warm and wet in my hands, and held Ahava as she excitedly laughed and smiled "I DID it!!!! I DID IT!!!! PAPA GONNA BE SO HAPPY!!!!!!" And boy was he!!! We all were!!! Right there in the middle of no where on the side of the road, 2 hours to go yet, creating a bathroom, creating a mess and creating a memory for a life time.