Sunday, July 19, 2015


A highly contagious and aggressive new strand of measles was detected in our region yesterday, but apparently it is instantly curable with a great big splash in a kiddie pool! Who knew?!?!?! 

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

They shall call evil, good.

"Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter."
Isaiah 5:20
There is no doubt as I look upon the news stories and culture that we are upon a crucial time in spiritual history.  It can be very alarming to watch any remaining honor, truth and justice leave what we have.  I am not talking about America, I am talking about existence.  We are so far from what God has intended that I don't think people will realize just how much we are "missing" until we see Glory in its fullest.  We adapt and make excuses, but the reality is that we are but a mere glimpse of what God wanted for us. It rocks my world sometimes to try and imagine the world Adam and Eve lived in.  Bryan and I were driving the other day and trying to imagine the reality that there was an expanse of water above the earth in the beginning.  Just floating above it.  Moving, pure, sparkling water!  Imagine the colors it would reflect?  The climate it would produce?  The decline of the world and its people needs to be measured not upon the establishment of countries and victories of war, but upon the original design that God purposed it for.  I don't think we could ever fully grasp God's thoughts and mind, but we do certainly get some amazing peeks at His creativity, love and beauty throughout scripture.  We all watched a dolphin show a couple of days ago.  Ahava was so excited to watch these amazing animals jump out of the water and do tricks.  I sat there and just was overcome at WHO God is!  He created animals like dolphins!  Because He IS JOY and a part of WHO He is is in His creation.  He created a dolphin to jump and play the way they do because that is a part of WHO He is!!!! And it doesn't stop there...we, as humans, are the most precious creation of all.  If we only knew how much He loves us.  If we only stopped the enemy from lying to us to make us feel unworthy, ugly,  a mistake, invisible and so on.  The enemy knows what God did for us even before Jesus was born, died and rose again.  The enemy hated us because WE were created in God's image.  Satan wanted to be God.  Remember Satan was described as the most beautiful angel.  His pride was what caused him to fall.  Man was created IN GOD's IMAGE.  Not angels, not him.  But WE WERE.  I wish we could see this fully.  Satan has a mission and it is to attack the identity of believers and to accuse God.  BUT...this isn't my point.  We have something that is better than even creation itself and it is the only thing that may even remain much longer.  THIS IS GOD's WORD.  Friends, in an age where media, politicians, officials, law enforcement, military, and scarily even "churches" are ALREADY calling good evil and evil good, WE MUST arm ourselves with God's Truth.  This isn't our experience, or emotions, or what we have been told...our foundation and future security is upon GOD's Truth...not what we want to hear or what seems tolerant or less offensive, but Truth.  Times are coming and infiltrating slowly where Jesus will not be tolerated.  Other "gods" and religions will be, but Jesus' Name is offensive because it is literal power.  We must bounce our lives off of Christ and filter our actions and thoughts through Him and His word.  It is so amazing to know that God's Love and Word contains power and "feeds" us.  Do not let the agenda and deterioration alarm you and do not get caught up in civilain affairs: "No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer." 2 Timothy 2:4.  We are soldiers for Jesus and need to stay focused on things ABOVE and not on earthly things.  Focuses on the REAL battle going on and not swallowed by the things that want to distract us that don't really matter.  We do not have to let life live us, LIVE life.  And LIVE it with purpose and peace.  God's power is evident within His Word and He will continue assuring His people.