Monday, August 31, 2015

9 years ago

9 years ago tonight I was attempting to sleep knowing that in the morning I was going to be married. It seems so long ago in so many ways. But it also seems so much shorter than most of our friends our age. I think the substance and "length" of marriage should not necessarily be measured by years, but by the journey itself. The joys shared. The pain held through and the Faithfulness of God that has been experienced together. These are the things that display the depth of marriage. These are the things that no matter what you have been through, that only you two can really understand and comprehend. Experienced alone they have beauty and yet experienced together the strength of the ability it has to testify to God's goodness is even greater. I pray that our next year will continue to praise Jesus in every way and that together we can encourage and spur each other on, in His Truth. For God made marriage and He made it to Glorify His Name!