Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September AT-A-GLANCE

September was filled with a lot of surprises and joy.  We took our very first family vacation and traveled to San Diego from Eureka.  It took us a LONG time to get there, but it was well worth it.  We stopped for several things on the way, including seeing some of our precious family that we haven't seen for years, and that Ahava has never met. Our destination was The San Diego Zoo and ultimately, SEA WORLD!  When Ahava became ill a while back, we watched some Sea World shows online and she asked us if we could go there.  Bryan and I knew we wanted to take a smile vacation and talked about it later and decided that it was possible.  We both couldn't wait to see her face when she was actually there.  And we have the photos to remember it.

At the San Diego Zoo with our sweet little "kitty".

One of my favorite photos of that day.  Ahava and the Hippo!

But the best day of all was our day at Sea World.  This was
the whole purpose of our trip and for a while we have been
preparing Ahava to see Shamu and all the other creatures.
This was our first show there that day.  The Sea Lions!  We
had a front row seat to this hilarious show and when this
little guy popped up right in front of us...well, just look at the
next photo to see Ahava's reaction!  SOOOOOO CUTE!

SURPRISEd from the Sea Lion

And then, of course, was the ultimate meeting between Shamu, his family and Ahava.
We actually bought tickets to Dine With Shamu and before we went we visited
them in this holding tank.  We actually had the place to ourselves for a little
bit and Ahava was running as the whales swam by her.  It was so beautiful.

We were so blessed to be able to do something special, like Dine with Shamu. 
They served a great lunch and we got to see and hear about the Whales and
have a special time with them right next to us.

Ahava got to meet one of the trainers.  She was SO happy
and felt so special.

And then...the moment she had been waiting for...the Shamu show
where we told her he would splash her.  So sure enough, this was
me standing beside her knowing that Shamu was swimming
toward us ready to accomplish her dream!  BE SPLASHED by Shamu....
checked off her list!!!!

Ahava has been doing Home School a little bit and she was so proud of herself
for learning how to write an "A"!  Go YOU!