Friday, October 30, 2015


October was a very busy month for us, we moved from California back to Texas, said good-bye to some dear friends and neighbors, packed our house, flew back to Texas with Gracey, Ahava and a pregnant Mommy and a Papa carrying WAY to much luggage. Ahava flew a lot when she was younger, so this was really the first time that she was able to understand what we were about to do.  She was so excited when the plane took off that she started to cheer and everyone on the plane started laughing at how cute she was. She has grown so much.  Since our house wasn't going to be available until November, we stayed with his Aunt and Uncle and Ahava LOVED it. We had a lot to do with establishing care with doctors for me and the baby and it seemed like there was so much to do.  Bryan had to fly back to California to pack the rest of our house and then drive our van to Texas, so I was on my own for over a week and experiencing lots of morning sickness all day long, which is super hard with a 3 year old.  But it was good to be back with family and to be in Texas again.

God made you so beautiful Ahava, inside and out.

Getting ready to take off on our first plane!

On our second plane.

Finding new Texas creatures to play with!

At church with Aunt Vicki.

Getting to see Ge-Ma!

Two of a kind, Grammy and Ahava!

Look at those kids!!! LOL!