Saturday, April 09, 2016

God's Little princess Artist

When Ahava was born I told God that I was going to enjoy every stage, every milestone and every growth accomplishment for when it happened and not simply look to the next thing that I wanted to happen. I learned this from others while I was waiting those 9 years for God to keep His Promise (in which He ALWAYS does!), it just seemed like everyone was rushing and not living in the sweet moments of the now, the whole world seemed in a rush. I didn't want that. I had waited, cried and yearned so much for the child God promised, that I wasn't going to miss out on any of the times and moments with her.  When she was learning to use her muscles to sit up, I enjoyed and delighted in that! I didn't wish she was walking. I feel very blessed that God gave me the wisdom and ability to truly live in the moments He gave me and just relish in their beauty! But I do have a confession to make, there was one thing that I did secretly desire to come! Even when she was little I had always imagined the day and wanted it to come, when she would be able to draw and express her heart! Just within the last couple of months she has begun this sweet little blessing of a talent of a journey. I know Ahava has a specific purpose in life and expressing her heart through the arts is one of them. Seeing her dance and worship for Jesus ALWAYS practically sends me to my knees in awe of the One True God! She is able to draw people into His presence. At first I would kind of help her draw a person or we would draw one together and she would watch how I did it and copy, but recently she decides to draw a picture all on her own, gets the paper and object to color with and does what she wants to express what's in her heart. Today she did just this! I was busy working on getting a package together for my mom and was writing a LONG note to her and Ahava was on her own for entertainment. Then I look over and see this beautiful drawing!!!! I was so astounded! She drew a picture of her as a princess on the left of the page wearing a beautiful gown and holding a bird and on the right side is me!  I was so touched by her ability to express her heart and do what she wanted to. These are her first pictures she is beginning to do and I'm so very excited to see how they progress and how she grows and expresses what God does in her heart. God You are so Good and I Praise You for saving Ahava and not only doing that, but giving her the abilities to show YOUR LOVE! They said she would be disabled, not talk or walk, but look at this testimony to Your Name!!!!! She is drawing her heart! And it reflects the fact that she knows Whose she is in Christ! Amen! Jesus!! Please give her more Holy Spirit. Thank you.