Saturday, June 04, 2016

Recital! To God be the GLORY for the things HE HAS done!!!!

Ahava dances at an amazing dance studio called the Epicenter for the Arts.  It is NOT just a dance studio, but it is a "church" to worship and praise at, a "hospital" for God to repair and heal, a "school" to teach hearts and grow, and a place where the teachers, staff and families truly want to praise and honor God.  We were so blessed by Grammy to be able to attend and we know that God specifically placed Ahava in the class she was supposed to be in with the sweetest and kindest teacher as well as the other girls and families we got to know and love.  To see her up on stages made my heart swell with joy.  I kept thinking about the prognosis the doctors gave us and that they said she most likely wouldn't talk, walk or be "normal."  Every step, or prance or even when she decided to do her own moves, LOL!!!, was her declaring with all of her heart that GOD gets the FINAL WORD and He is WORTHY of all our praise.  So, this little lamb was Jesus' lamb, His sweet little one desiring to Love and Praise Him.  She was so excited and did well! I can't wait to see how much she grows in dance over the years.  Thank YOU YESHUA!

Ahava is in the middle doing one of her dance moves during her song!

At the finale all the children came on stage and held up signs that declared what Jesus spoke over them. 
It was so powerful to see Ahava holding up her sign that read " I AM A WARRIOR!!!"  Amen!  She is!
We couldn't wait to hug her and give her her flowers at the end.  I was actually the stage Mom and spent the entire
time backstage with her class and did get to go in and see her performance and finale. (side note: Ahava did SO well
with putting make-up on!  She even had mascara!)
Ahava and her sweet Grammy who believed in her and paid for her tuition to go!  What a blessing she is!

Ahava's Grampy and Ellen came to see her as well and brought her flowers!
We all went out and celebrated after at Olive Garden!  It was such a special day.