Monday, July 04, 2016

Fun at the Lake in July

Ahava had her second go at trying to catch a fish with Grammy, but all she "caught" with
her worm, was Papa!  LOL!  I hope he was hungry!  I know when she does catch a fish
she will be so excited. 

Yes, I brought my 4 year old daughter out on the lake on the jet ski.  It was VERY early in the morning
and no one else was out except the old man fishing on his little dingy.  Believe me, we were safe.
And I am happy to tell you that she will most definitely take after me with liking speed!!!

Ahava and her cousins, Toren on the left and Korbin on the right. 

Ahava also tackled another first, "skiing" with Papa.  It was actually a ski board and Bryan was right there with her.  So a mix of tubing and skiing. As you can tell by her smile, SHE ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT so much. She is going to love water sports!  Just wait until she gets those skis on!

Here she is again!  Go AHAVA, GO!!!

Reading a book with great-grandma!

Happy July 4th 2016!