Monday, September 12, 2016

Singing Along

Yesterday was Sunday and Ahava and I spent some time outside now that it isn't immanent death by heat.  She was on a "very important mission" of some sort collecting leaves in a big plastic bucket and I took the opportunity to grab my often too neglected guitar and decided to strum a little outside.  I didn't play anything fancy and I didn't sing, I just wanted to strum and play some chords.  But before I knew it, someone WAS singing along with the music.  A soft red blur shot through our bushes and landed right where I could see him and Mr. Cardinal sang along his worship song with me.  It really was a precious moment and I felt like "all creation" was declaring the glory of God!  He sang beautifully and it made me remember not to forget the little moments of God's beauty in this crazy world.  They are still there, we just have to get quiet and still enough to see them.

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