Monday, October 24, 2016

The Best of October

Celebrating Natalie Grace's 13th Angel Day.
We bought a bunch of newborn baby girl things and went to
a local hospital and asked them to give it to a baby girl
that was born that day.  There was no dry eye between the nurses
and us by the time we left.  We never got to meet the
family, as per our request, but we poured into this blessing
and was so happy to celebrate LIFE as we thought of Natalie
this year. 
Well, I wouldn't say this is a part of the "best" of October, but it is
how we spent most of the mornings and evenings.  The "gunk" arrived
and we spent weeks trying to clear Ahava's lungs, but she pulled through
like a trooper!

Ahava getting me a new "car"!!! 
Well, almost, but I will take it!

Being spoiled by Grandma Barb!  She loves this shirt!

Becoming PIGGY's at the Texas Fair and Rodeo in Dallas

Going back to work Part Time!

Looking at old photos and listening to stories from Bryan's Grandmother.
We spent over 2 hours doing this and I could have easily done 1,000 more.

Spending the day with Ahava's best buddy at the zoo!

Welcoming a new precious life of my sweet friend that I have prayed for.