Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Best of August

Growing some more, feeling pregnant
Being hospitalized in our hometown and laying in bed and
turning around to see Ahava walking around the room
like this...I asked her what she was doing and she said
she had a "baby in her belly too," I nearly pee'd my pants
I laughed so hard.
In disbelief that I get another ER helicopter ride...Lord help me!
Praying and believing
Encouragement from our dearest friends
Wheelchair ride snuggle for me!
Hospital sleepovers, buying time.
The arrival of God's gift to me, Ezekias Kandor.

My precious son, I cannot even begin to explain what God has done, maybe some day
I will be able to write more of all that happened, but basically, God is
AMAZING and He gives good gifts
My precious son, Ezekias, which is Hebrew for "God is a God of Strength!"

Auntie Ana and Ezekias
My first time holding him

Ahava's first time meeting him, she says "Hi! I'm Ahava, I am
going to be your big sister..."
Can you even ask for a better photo???


Auntie Vicki is there to celebrate with us!

Ahava starts kindergarten

Ezekias never needed oxygen or help breathing so was out of the NICU fast
and into Special Care where he just needed help learning to eat

Grammy with her grandchildren!

Ahava inspecting Ezekias's toes....SO CUTE!

My precious friend coming to meet Ezekias

Spending time with Grampy!

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